24k gold sparkling luxury with fruity notes

and ingredients with beneficial qualities.


A unique experience:

Exclusivity | Luxury | Glamour


In our 3 sparkling luxury varieties we have combined the essence of nature with 24k gold. We are proud to present our innovative design in an absolutely luxurious setting that creates a bottle worthy of containing such a masterpiece.


A sparkling luxury

for every occasion


Health | Beneficial | Well-being


We have been perfecting a new method of alcohol-free production in order to achieve a product which is just as rich in taste whilst being 100% Halal.


A qualified within the industry team has spent years developing the sparkling luxury of the future, inspired by the wise and healthy mother nature.

Our 5 core beliefs


Gold | Grapes | Fruit

 ingredients | Sparkling luxury


Each of our sparkling luxury varieties contains three natural essences in order to respond to demand from consumers who are concerned with their health and healthy habits.

We searched for the best sparkling luxury for our most demanding clients


Healthy | Halal | Non-Alcoholic  Sparkling | 24k Gold


For years, our research and development department has been testing 100% Halal products, combining the best ingredients with a high-quality sparkling drink, in order to develop this sparkling luxury of the future.

Our Values

Lux5fold has successfully managed to preserve a familiar spirit that prioritises the

wants and needs of our clients. Our commitment to guarantee high quality and luxury

in every detail of our work provides our product with smooth, elegant and healthy innovation.


The three values of Lux5fold are based on excellence and form the foundation

of our core mission:



More than 100 professionals have collaborated with Lux5fold in their challenge

of creating the sparkling luxury of the future. We are proud to have a dynamic

and competitive organisation that encourages quality, rigour, and perseverance.

Our creative spirit is continuously developing in its search for perfection, combining

the best ideas from each department: R&D, quality, and production.




Here at Lux5fold, we understand that quality is the most important factor in creating

 a sublime product, and therefore we constantly work towards this, by paying attention

not only to the impressive luxury of our packaging and design, but also to the ingredients

used, as we attend to the wishes of a market which is each day more demanding.

The details and perfection are marks of our superior quality, which is proof of our

constant search for excellence in each of our 3 masterpieces.



Innovation and design are an integral part of our DNA. Over time we have perfected the combination of a sparkling luxury with the beneficial qualities of nature, in order to find a perfect balance whilst always looking to promote the body’s well-being. From our R&D department, we are able to develop the latest technology in the production and treatment of our products, to the most recent inventions of the brand, such as the contact cooling coffer.



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